Thank You!

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting” – The Buddha

Walking down the memory lane, we have milestones to celebrate and people to appreciate & thank – What better time than thanksgiving? After all ‘tis that time of the year.

With a value driven purpose of filling the gap between business and technology, Manomay was incepted. But boy, was it a roller-coaster!

We still remember the first time we went into the market with a team of two… we knew it was not easy to believe in a newbie. But, we had one mentor who trusted us and two companies who bet on us and believed it was going to be a win-win. A big thank you, for our first breakthrough. We continue to celebrate our mutual success. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to trust a newbie after all? 😊

Now, into the roller-coaster journey and reinvention …  
We re/built ourselves,

  • Giving space & time, for the re/birth of creativity and best work
  • Taking a step back, defining a strategy/structure to move forward, when it got overwhelming
  • Baby steps towards our goals
  • Letting go of fear of judgement
  • Embracing the experimental nature of growth

Gained a lot of learnings along the way… just two from our Consulting Book:  

  • Experience 1: In a project where we thought we did great – we ended up realizing the expectation was for us to look into the current & beyond; we just looked at the current. Learnings from our introspection – we followed; we did not lead. It was time for change in course: We were never to be told again from any one of our customers. It’s always into NOW and FUTURE.
  • Experience 2: An opportunity of looking at the customers business from multiple dimensions, starting from scratch and without the burden of legacy. It became a practice:  whether a customer has asked for it or not, we always started looking at everything from holistic perspectives. This helped us stay ahead in terms of determining the right way forward. Customers just love us for this.

We learnt, we grew, we continued to sail through… customers became our evangelists, and new customers kept us busy as bees! Thank you for the continuous trust, faith and opportunity to grow – together.

That’s when, in another parallel world (guess what – the real tech one 😊), we realized the market needs have started to change rapidly but the tech remained the same. Time for that hat!

We ventured, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. New journey began, another newbie.

The first learning from our Tech Book: We started off great, landed two contracts – failed in both ☹. For the first time, in 8 years, we missed milestones; we exceeded timelines; we missed delivering right; all because of internal issues. Took time for us to realize where we went wrong & why – our competence, capability, intent, or something else??? We introspected and felt we needed to be honest with our customers and seek time to correct. Thanks to them – they agreed!

We corrected and we went aggressive in our pursuit to providing the right Customer Satisfaction, with minimal disruption to their plans. We bore the brunt with the team working hard for 49 days without break, and zero complaints! We brought in experts to work with us…. and the rest is history.

In a world, where even one mistake is sufficient for you to be written off, how can we thank our customers for their continued trust? What can we give the team except for growth & Manomay family?  

As they say, Failures are a part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you never succeed.

We continue to journey – with the old & new – services, solutions, customers, and team – we continue to learn, embracing the experimental nature of growth.

Finally, to the “Team” – what we are today is because of us. We wanted to be different. We do not want to be those that force ourselves out of bed, to live the same day again & again and call it a life. We churn, we learn, we contribute, we celebrate… Three cheers to us!!!

Slow down and enjoy the Thanksgiving Break – we are just doing THAT.
No hard-core insights this time, plain celebrations! Signing off for now & see you soon.. 😊

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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