The funnel-based Selection of Third-Party Solutions is an Industry Standard – right from Market Scan, RFI, RFP based on Shortlisting based Customer Expectations, Finalizing the Vendor Solution and Contract & Licensing negotiations.

Our Key Guiding principles, in addition to the standard ones, are

  1. Inclusive selection process – all key stakeholders are active participants in the process (so the team does not feel later that a decision is thrown at them, for use)
  2. Business Scenario & Flow based Assessment of Platforms (through well-defined demo scripts), specific to the Customer needs/expectations – easier to compare and validate assumptions
  3. Focus on maximum use of out of box capabilities of the Platform – easier to implement & maintain
  4. Deeper assessment of Costs associated with Licensing and Implementation – focus on hidden/unknown costs (One of the primary issues faced by the Customers – budgets vs. actuals)
  5. Vendor Assessment from two dimensions – How important are we to them and how fit both are culturally to each other
  6. Support for planning right governance and right scoping for value (our service concludes with detailed, phase-wise, Implementation Planning – scope, timelines, resources, dependencies etc)

Our key value asset – our deep domain expertise, experience of working with multiple Enterprise Platforms and assessment of several platforms from Vendor Selection perspective in the Global Market