It’s not about measurement – it’s about the (right) metric

Finding the right metric for measurement is Company specific. While the key focus still remains “Return on Investment” for the Tech Spend (right from Strategy Definition to Process Re/Designs, Systems Replacements and Maintenance, Additions/Changes etc..), the measurement dimensions can be multi-fold, covering customers, operations, employees/org. structure, data etc. The answers we try to establish for ROI measurement, are generally around:

  1. What manual processes are we eliminating?
  2. What Value Work we are creating and what non-value work we are dispensing with?
  3. What transference we are establishing through empowerment – Customers, Employees, Partners?
  4. What visibility and accountability are we creating?
  5. How are we progressing vis-à-vis market/competition?

These answers drive home not only right insight on the Return on the Investments that have already been made, but also the right perspective FOR THE FUTURE INVESTMENTS (especially cost of investment vs. cost of not investing).

It takes vision to invest in future, when you still have acceptable product/service and introduction of those by competition is difficult to predict! And that’s where we also work with you – our market experience, trend assessment, consumer behaviour patterns across various industry types come in handy.