Our Technology Solutioning Premise is to augment your stack with those automation capabilities that are at the intersection of your current state and your needs/wants (business aspirations, customer demands), very specific to your context ,and covering all game changing dimensions, in the right combination – “Outside-In”, Ease, Flexibility, Empowerment & Availability!

Our solutions are made available using combination of latest technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Image Processing etc. Our framework-based Innovation Platform is aligned to the “Wheel of Changes” of Business & IT and

  1. Empowers you to be disruptive, competitive and customer centric, while working seamlessly on top of your Current IT Platforms
  2. Offers you the flexibility to create your own roadmap, without technological worries on “Integration”, “Scalability”, “Extensibility” etc.

Our Automation Offerings (Products and Custom Specific Tech Solutions) focus is generally around:

  1. Processes – For automation of repeat manual processes
  2. Availability – For 24/7 Support & Omni-channel presence
  3. Decisions/Empowerment – To be Touch Free/hassle Free
  4. Flow & Management – For Accountability & Visibility
  5. Communication – For Status Tracking/Updates
  6. Insights – For Data Driven Decisioning
Our Tech Solution Stack, offered through one Single Layer of Advanced Automation, includes


E2E digitization of all physical documents (handwritten, scanned etc.) right from conversion, intelligent & selective extraction, auto correction, reviews & approvals of converted data to update to Backend IT

FNOL & Settlement

For Lodgement through multiple mediums (WhatsApp/Mobile App etc.) and Touchless Settlement of Simple Claims

Communication Framework

For Bi-directional Communication (Company & Customer) through multiple mediums of choice - mobile App / WhatsApp / Messenger etc

Uriel Insights

For Better & Informed Decisions through multi-dimensional view of business in the context of time, space, matter and energy

Data in its 3 contexts

for ensuring data accuracy and corrections in the context of – availability, sufficiency and quality, personalized communication & updates to Backend IT

Process Automation Framework

For Automation of manual & repeat processes across entire insurance value chain – Policy, Billing and Claims – Focus effective and efficient operations

Reinsurance Automation

Framework for Automatic computation of RI shares (All Treaty Types), with easy to use Treaty Config Module, RI bordereaux, Risk Modelling Reports etc