“Data is literally the life blood of the insurance industry and analytics drive overall industry business performance through increased revenue or decreased expenses. It relies on data and analysis to improve financial performance and services to shareholders and policyholders.” – Patricia L. Saporito.

Our Solutioning/Services are based on your responses to the key questions,

  1. What purpose is the data serving you now? What are the challenges?
  2. How does the data flow in the Company and what are the challenges with this flow?
  3. What data standards you currently follow across all IT platforms?
  4. What are your data sources – Internal or a combination of internal & external?
  5. What is your appetite for data driven insights? Reactive or Proactive?

Based on this, we help define “Data Maturity Journey” for you and hand-hold you throughout – to your ultimately becoming Analytics Savants. It takes time to reach there… you need appetite, commitment, buy-in, preparation and continuing motivation, and that’s what we help you with – from where you are to where you want to go!

Our Services include:

  1. Data Health Checks & readiness
  2. Insightful dashboards and KPIs – from highest to lowest level granularity
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Measurement of Return on Investment

Throughout, our focus remains what suits ‘YOU’ the best – not what is best in the market.

Our deep domain expertise, more specifically the INSURANCE DATA, and experience across various market tools/techniques, is the basis for our supporting you from simplest reporting to most complex algorithm driven predictive/prescriptive analytics.