You must have a reason for “why you are where you are” – it can be a combination of business model, people, technology and your overall priorities & outlook for your customers & company. Unless you understand this background, you will never be able to light your way forward right. Our high-level approach to Tech Strategy Definition, therefore, is around the following guiding principles,

  • Current State Review, beyond just Technology: covering Business (Model, Focus, Hierarchy, Processes, Stakeholders), Customers, Technology, Data etc – Focus both on Positives and Challenges & Why
  • Business Direction – Near Term & Future – Customers, Expansions, New Initiatives etc.
  • Expectations from Technology and your Commitment to making it work
  • Current Tech Platforms sufficiency & scalability – Continue or Replace
  • Technology Options (if beyond current tech) and Prerequisites
  • Conclusion – Way forward: Short, Medium and Long Terms & Roadmap Planning

Our focus is unbiased and our approach open minded – if you should not ignore your current technology, that’s our recommendation; If you have to go ahead with replacement, that’s the recommended direction