Who we are

A small group of thoughtful and committed people determined to change the “Insurance” world for better through Technology – We are Domain Experts with extensive Technology Experience across the entire Insurance Value Chain!

We see Companies investing heavily in technology, in pursuit of that liberation from constraints and freedom for choices, so they can re/invent the way they do business. Despite the intent and despite unprecedented technological advancements, most Companies continue to face issues with technology, across its entire life cycle.

What does it take to make technology work right for you – especially, when confronted with “Managing Current” and “Aspiring & Preparing for Future” simultaneously?

Per our experience, it takes a lot more than just Technology for it to work “right” for you. At the core, it’s about the deeper understanding of each other “Business & Technology”, in right contexts – customers & their demands, company operating models, employees, data and technology. And bringing this understanding into your roadmap, decisions, investments, implementation, management and measurement, continuously – the one that has to be continuously relevant! And this is what exactly we bring to the table for our Clients.

With deep Insurance Domain Expertise across Markets/Business Models/LOBs and extensive Technology Experience across several Core Technology Platforms, global level, we work with our Clients as Advisors (Strategy, Vendor Selection, Biz Process Design & ROI Measurement), Representatives (Core Platforms Implementation/Upgrades/Maintenance) and Solution Providers (those key automation capabilities that are generally not available in Core Platforms).

Manomay Exclusively for The Insurance Industry for Technology

How can we help align technology right to each Insurance Company’s most important purpose for which it exists – service, satisfaction, security, empowerment, value? That “WHY” is what drives us every day! I want us to be continuously relevant and be accountable to our customers – first time, every time, all the time!

Krishna Kumari Datla

Chief Executive Officer