Initiating the entire Organization into “Preparation” is fundamental to transformation. It’s just not about one segment that’s committed – the commitment has to be an “INCLUSIVE” approach – Management & the actual Users. And, the Company has to be ready to reinvent itself – around Customers, Product Offerings, Org. Structure, Business Models, Work & Skills to name a few. For, Technology per-se cannot bring any transformation!

Our guiding principles for Technology enabled Business Process Re/Design – irrespective of the starting point (Current State or Clean Slate)

  1. Combination Design Focus: With Customer as the Pivot – “Outside-In” + “Inside-Out
  2. Base design on Purpose and Principles of the Company
  3. Look at the entire Company as a System – around Customer Encounters/Demands
  4. Look at Service as “end to end flow” and design for “RIGHT” CUSTOMER VALUE, around Customer Demand, Company Intelligence and Customer Service
  5. Do not be constrained by Current Company Conditions
  6. Think of systematizing anything that repeats itself & Plan for Supervision and Intervention
  7. Think beyond – Visualize unperceived needs & bring them into the design

Do not lose track of Immediate Business Benefits – The little bets and successes with right connecting dots for long term are great motivators for buy-in and use.