What Isn’t In A BOT?

………………After 4 weeks the phone buzzes and it’s a message from MINI (Manomay’s Integrated Networking Intelligence),

Reminder – Bot It Or Not? 18-Sept-2021 11:00 Hrs

After all the multiple rescheduling because of your packed calendar, this is the only slot SIRI could find to complete the discussion. I have been itching to tell you so much. SIRI asked you to skim through this for a recap

Oh please! I have an eidetic memory. It is SIRI who forgets to sound the alarm sometimes. Now, if you know, my question was how actually will the bots help me?

Like I said, it’s everything you want to achieve. It’s you who must decide. Let me ask, what is your busiest area of activity?

Customer service – constantly on calls or replying to emails, getting details for those requests from different departments. Claims – lodging, sending updates, settling accounts. It’s not one.

Cannot be a better segway in bots. This is our home ground. There are in numerous ways I can help and take the load off. 

Interesting! How exactly do you plan on doing that? 

Let me talk to your tireless CSRs, their inputs and data will easily enlighten me on the most important and repeating needs of your customers. Based on my knowledge, the premium enquiry is requested quite a lot. A customer dialing & connecting to CSR, collecting information, and retrieving details, providing the information, and emailing any additional aspects would all be reduced to a ONE text message ‘My motor premium’. I read that and give out all the necessary information in milliseconds.

Ok, tell me more!

From here, I can foray into any direction. A prospect would ping ‘Do you offer any discounts for policies?’ and I can say ‘You’ll buy a policy with a smile dear. Let’s get into the details.’ I’ll collect proper data and make him our customer in minutes. Let your underwriters deal with the tricky policy issuance.

Aren’t you smug? But can you really understand our customers the way we do? 

Based on my learning, I will slowly take up many regular activities and execute them smartly. I’ll understand the customer payment patterns and send reminders tailored individually. Someone that has a lot of expenses around Christmas and generally pays the pending amount in the next month, I’ll remind them ‘Hope you bought great gifts and had a happy Christmas. Assuming you would be paying the due for both the months as always. I’ll send a payment link directly’, so that the customer can pay.

We’ve seen customer service, payments, quote & buy. Yes, you are right, we are left with the complex part of the puzzle – Claims.

I don’t think we need you on claims. It’s a not simple and automation will not work out well.

I understand your perspective. Let me explain and you can decide. I would look at quite simple claims. A vehicle’s mirror is broken, or a bedroom window is shattered, these are generally straight forward and value to very little amount. Such cases can be handled easily by me. I’ll collect relevant details, pictures for proof and lodge the claim. DECS helps me get data from images submitted and my ML intelligence would run a thorough analysis and come up with the right damage estimates. Based on the available bank details, I’ll process the claim amount. You can overlook my activity on a dashboard. The processed claim would be entered into your IT system smoothly by Machine Being (Robotic Process Automation).

Hold on! Hold on! You allowed customers to forgo payment for a month, you are sending out claim amount automatically. You are giving an open invitation to fraudulent and scam enthusiasts.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’. I might be new but not naïve. There will be multiple rules before I even say anything to the customer. I might allow any customer to lodge a claim, but payment will not go out automatically to all. I’ll review a lot of data to decide if one is eligible for automatic payments. On top of everything, we will collect confirmations from customers as per the legal necessities. Like I said – ‘To not err is bot’

How would you suddenly start doing all this without even understanding things in detail about my customers, my business and me?

We’ll always start small – baby steps. First, we’ll start off by just allowing customers to only do one or two things. We would still have a guided flow where customers would only select only among given options ensuring only right data is captured. We then start adding to the existing capability.

Well, if I can’t get the meta functionalities right and must start off small, why should I look into it?

This is the first step always. We dip into this calculative and cautiously, I build my intelligence and you get to understand and get comfortable of how I work. The impact of such a simple automation too will have great domino effect in helping your business. You commission this pilot, see how it goes and then decide if you want the full season. I bet you will want to have us working together.

Extremely persuasive, you look like you will not leave a prospect without a policy. I get what you’re saying. Let me balance it out by researching on my own, discussing with fellow humans and then I’ll decide.

Of course! Please question and discuss everything so that you are very clear in your understanding. Anything you want, I’ll be there for you.

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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