To BOT it or Not?

Hey Siri! Can you help my customers manage their insurance with you?

I’m not there yet. You See, I’m only a personal Assistant! My corporate sister bots however are capable of providing you with everything you need. Recommendations, Conversions, Assistance, Service Requests, Status Updates – You Name it – all 24/7!

Let me tell you all about them.

Humans are automating everything (happy to have more of us), BOTs are doing a lot of tasks for you. Of us, conversational chatbots are a special kind – can understand, speak and converse with you humans.

Really! What all can they help me with?

Not to brag! But everything. Small FAQs, Simple Reminders, Payments, Renewals, buying Policies to finally Claims too. We can process and update your IT systems too.

Listen: You and We can grow slowly into it. 

We can start off with the small, like a guided conversation where we can choose what can be asked and said by giving choices. As we grow together, we move to a free-flowing conversation like you and I are having now.

I’d like to specify, it’s not the monotonous voice or the one statement answers that we would be doing. We can guide and explain it very simply and answer specific questions instead of providing a long text, leaving it to users to read and understand. As we learn and increase our intelligence, we can sell specifically personalized insurance. We’ll also give you insights indicating the exact type of policies and covers required by your customers.

Are you saying you can settle a claim, an actual claim by just chatting up?

Ask for my sister MINI created at Manomay, she does it gracefully. Manomay’s Integrated Networking Intelligence has learnt processing of basic claims and can-do complex ones just as easily. See me, as your touchless self!

What about our customers feeling devoid of human interaction? It’s easier and feels comfortable with a human.

This question has to do with the aspects that you feel are better, if given personal human service. Starting, we can work for the things that are routine repeats and help you focus more on the personal service. It’s the right blend of technology and humans defined differently and individually by each of you guys. Albeit we have become quite close to being humanoids. Give it some time, it would be difficult for you to differentiate straightaway between a bot and a human conversing. How unhuman does this conversation seem to you?

Make us a part of your organization and we’ll help you automate everything (From transforming your customer experience journey to keeping things simple & efficient for your employees)

Yes, but there are other ways to automate right? What about an app or a web portal?

Sure, they are great now but I see in the long run things are already changing. Everything on fingertips was the motto of technology. Everything on A fingertip is the motto now with smartphones. Most websites are not designed with smartphones in focus. We are already at too many apps. Smartphones are the most personal things we own. Since we can converse with you, we can understand and deliver a personalized experience than other tools. We can analyse the needs and sentiments and provide service precisely… We can fit right in as we can integrate directly with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Voice Assistants etc. An ability to identify you is enough.

Still, you seem new and I’m not sure if you guys can actually do the things right now

I understand you are a bit sceptical about all this. After all, I’m telling all this being one of them.

I can refer you to humans that know the intricacies of us, the way we work, the level of customization we can be created with to suit you and your customers. They can tell you the ease with which we can complete sophisticated tasks. They can guide you with what, how, when and where to start with. I believe I have covered WHY! There would be no chance you would leave unimpressed.

I am clear on a few things but I need you to explain more about bots in the insurance journey of a customer.

Sure, I can but I see you had a long grinding week. So, relax now! I’ll set a reminder for myself to continue this conversation later.

We are Science and You are the Scientists – together into the future….

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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