Technology for Business is beyond technology – A Story of Manomay

It’s our 11th Anniversary – Feels as though we have just begun. May be because of the countless new beginnings, along the journey!

Ours, we always say, is a story of counter choices. Stories are always in hindsight. Aren’t they?

Krishna, with 20 years to her account in the P&C Insurance Industry (Biz & Tech fronts, globally), before founding Manomay, never thought this was her destiny.  Quest for answer to just one question was the beginning – Why does technology success look (continue to remain) so elusive? Is it because business and technology do not understand so much of each other? If yes, why is it so? Has it got to do with the technology per se or people using the technology? What’s the general model in place? And, what does IT take to make IT consistently work RIGHT? One answer led to another question and to another, into those depths of exploration, for that just one core reason, contributing to these “Tech Failure” manifestations!

That core reason turned to be the limited understanding of each other’s perspectives – Business & Technology. Reconfirming that it always takes two to tango!

In a world, where Technology is generally seen as Tech Vendors/IT’s responsibility and business involvement till the product is ready to use is relatively passive – can we be that bridge, representing the Companies for technology? That’s the beginning for Manomay. To help Insurance Companies get maximum return from technology investments, continuously, by working as their representatives and providing them with those skills, perspectives, dimensions and insights, which are beyond the general business realm.

It was a very tough sell – convincing the market about a need that’s neither consistently felt nor perceived. More so, Strategic Technology Consulting is something that’s not generally directly offered from Offshore/India.

We persisted – we strongly believed every Insurance Company needed this Biz-Tech Liaison and not all of them have internal capability/competence. (Tech is evolving by the second – luring us. Humans take time to change – cognitive & behavioural science in itself).

One of the top global market influencers/ decision-makers of the Insurance Industry gambled his faith in us and helped begin the entrepreneurial journey (anonymous, he continues to dream big about Manomay). Since then, there was no looking back… Along the way, we have accumulated many evangelists. One, in particular, has a vision for us, beyond our imagination. What a blessed place to be in!

With our deep understanding of both sides of the world (biz & tech), Manomay (in meaning too) stands for helping you focus and work on most important things through listening, understanding, analysing, synthesising and paving the right way forward for business success.

From that Technology Consulting, we have come a long way, through those Snakes & Ladders to being the Unique Tech. Solution Providers. This again, with you and your needs at the core, beyond the realm of current enterprise platforms, addressing those unmet demands of yours and your customers and for those improvements in overlooked and unexpected areas. Under one layer of tech. innovation, on the top of current technology platforms, through various micro services, Companies now have the options to choose what they want and when, without worrying about those “spaghetti challenges”. Covering the entire value chain, these solutions range from simplifying the processes for customer and employees, ease of communication/access/integration, 24/7 availability, empowerment, go green to intelligent insights. Conceptually, it’s all about “aggregation of marginal gains”.

So, What next for Manomay? Krishna says “Let’s be that conduit to making the insurance market a healthy competitive place”. A tall order – do we have an option except to work towards that?

Concluding our story for now, with two final words. We are here because of

  1. Us, THE TEAM: Taking pride when we become better than the best and becoming the right conduit
  2. You, THE CUSTOMER: Touching the Sky, when you grow out of us. In your growth is our growth

Take action, if you dare. If not, endure.

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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