Power of Communication

I am no Dale Carnegie – but I am your FourCE – powerful in my own way. Read me through, till the end – to see who I am and what can I do!

“I’m literally calling you every 2 days for an update on my claim! “ 

“I’ve already written to the you thrice about my customer’s claim, and still no update. I might probably lose a valuable customer due to this today”  

“Apparently my renewal was due 3 days ago. But I only received my “mail” today!” 

“Wish I could just receive an email on any tasks assigned to me. I don’t check the system all the time, and I don’t know what I need to focus on until I do so” 

Frustrating negative emotions, that one desperately wants to get out?????  

In our extensive experience of working with Insurance Companies helping them strengthen and innovate, we have seen issues/struggles/concerns around:

  1. Most of customers complain on lack of responsiveness from the Company
  2. Most of employee time spent attending to requests, answering inquiries & follow ups
  3. Intermediaries sandwiched for wrong reasons – customer inquiries and company visibility

A deep dive on “Why” – Is it due to not being proactive, in the context of visibility & accountability? Is it due to not having an approach for “CONNECTING THE DOTS” for right experience, value work and results?

And can a right strategy around “Communication” (when, what, whom, how much & how often) and “Work” (Repeat Work by Machines, Emotional Work by Humans) bring in ‘that’ transition, where,

  1. I, as a Customer, am very happy that I stand updated on my policies/claims & I feel cared for, as I do not have to ask for
  2. I, as an Employee, am freed up to do those value tasks & I feel energized to commit to
  3. I, as an intermediary, am focused on being the right bridge & I feel charged in


For this week, we are focusing on the first of the two, “COMMUNICATION” – the power of “proactive and effective communication”.  (“Value Work” – topic for another day 😊)

You guessed it RIGHT again – We have a Solution Framework FourCE (Create, Configure, Conduct & Communicate Efficiently) for “Right Communication” – the one that allows multichannel context-based communication across all stakeholders (internal & external). Exclusively designed for P&C Insurance Industry, FourCE is

  1. Designed to work in isolation (for data gathering in bulk through apps like AURI* etc.) or in integration with any IT (Enterprise platforms, Chat Bots, Web Portals, Mobile Apps, BPM apps etc.)
  2. Designed for personalization – in terms of mode of communication, timeline, and frequency (Customer A wants WhatsApp message 1or 2 days before the due date at least 2 times and Customer B wants an Email 10 days before the due date)
  3. Designed to be configurable & flexible – Based on What, When How and to Whom. Can be manifested depending on the context (An update to a customer or an intermediary, A follow up to an employee, An escalation to a manager, A WhatsApp message to a roadside assistance agent etc.)
  4. Designed to be scalable – For various modes of communication (it is a WhatsApp ping today and can be an Alexa tomorrow)

A quick sneak peek into the FW – focusing around, people, process, technology & data

As always you can start small, focus on the most frequently asked questions across stakeholders and plan for proactive communication.  

With the right communication framework, you are adding another most important & powerful weapon to your arsenal. 

Want to know how FourCE keeps it HOT (Honest, Open & Two-way) always? COMMUNICATE with us at inquisite@manomay.biz.  

*AURI – Analyse, Update & Refine your Information

Biz Tech Insights Team

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