Remember the conversation with MINI (Manomay’s Integrated Networking Intelligence) a few weeks back? (You can check my previous conversation here) Apparently its been doing wonders.. and I wanted to know all about it. 

Let me text it right away .. 

Whats Cooking – Bot It Or Not? 11-Dec-2021 11:00 Hrs

So, I tried looking up things and spoke to people.. But it’s too confusing. Can’t you just show this yourself?

Well, you need the right people to help you understand. And you know I’m right for that  😎

Okay, I will accept you’re great once you show me something, something for all the things you’ve bragged about.

Sure sure.. Let me show you a simple one. This will be easy for you. I am a complex brain with a friendly face


Was that really you? It looked like a conversation between two people.. Don’t try to con me!

It’s no deception human. It’s pure sorcery.

Awesome! So you collected all the information, processed the data and sent it to the company?

Not just capturing data, I also ensure I take the right data 🙂 I have a very robust brain (validation & rules engine) which validates and checks everything you tell me. You can’t tell me you were born in 2000s with a 5-year driving license – I’m not going to buy that! If you can make best use of this capability of mine, I can even allow your customers to buy policies, lodge claims, do some preliminary claim investigation for you and raise a red flag when I see one… You don’t have to worry about anything. 

You are one smart being.. Er I mean roBOT.. But how do you ensure no one misuses you?

Don’t worry, I take all the necessary information needed to identify you as a legit human before I proceed further. You can integrate me with any other data validation sources as well to check your customers authenticity if needed.

Wow! I don’t doubt you now.. But I want to test you out myself. How do I talk to you directly?

For that, you would have to reach out to my creators first. Talk to them at

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