Manomay Ylog – 2021


Look, everyone look! The COVID cover seems to be clearing, the sun of twenty twenty-one is visible. Let’s plan everything that we couldn’t do, let’s get back to our desks, cafeterias, meeting rooms and in person banter with team. We are going to be free finally!


Almost a quarter of 2021 has gone, we didn’t move an inch from our homes. COVID had new market releases which are performing more than anyone expected. We are trying to find their innovation team, they know how to invent, plan and release perfectly. Yet, nothing stopped! The video calls continued……on and on. The team worked tirelessly delivering the expectations of our clients.

We had a self-pat for the team we created!

Though playing as beautiful as ever, we were performing for ourselves. The travel risks and bans are on the verge of cancelling our international tour for the second year in a row now. We missed taking our orchestra on tour and give the experience live to our new audience and fans.

Time is to take the control back. The determination is to reach out and do the exact same things we intended to do by travelling. We have the perfect option not exactly unique, but it matches our ideology. We are going to begin writing newsletter every week, come what may now. We will share the best of our insights, informed opinions and required advice for all ways one is looking to bring a transformation in their business.  The performance, delivered at doorstep, that could be listened to whenever one wishes to. The best part is that it isn’t a show with a paid ticket with few members present and part of experience… one just had to know us! 😊


Wasn’t in a garage but in the comfort of our makeshift desks at home we began working on concepts. Concepts that aren’t about selling something, concepts that are oblivious to the notion of our clients and us just gaining some revenue. The concepts have only one agenda, bump up our client’s end customers satisfaction like never. Load our client’s arsenal with ammunition that enhance the services provided either directly or indirectly to make sure their customers are always happiest. This is a move we were making to bring the change in the whole industry disregarding the aspects like size, type, demographic, revenue etc of the business.

The newsletters started going out. We started hearing the value they provided and instinctively made a scratch to the head for why we didn’t do this earlier. As we started writing more, we affirmed our insights and cemented the fact that concepts we had are absolutely necessary.

Advice alone isn’t enough. The businesses are ready to transform and get digital but there is one major problem – the tools. The tools required to help them in the journey don’t sync with everyone smoothly. The reasons are different for each like the tool being great but goes beyond the budget, the one in budget doesn’t match the expectation, the value earned is difficult to gauge etc. And then an assumption builds that business and industry doesn’t want to adapt to the new technology.


We knew the destinations, but we were travelling on roads that lead to dead ends. We went on travelling into unchartered territories, if we meet a dead end so be it, we’ll re-route. The principles we currently used worked great but weren’t enough. A revision of thought processes was necessary to achieve the goals we set up and so did it happen.

A pragmatic clean-up was required the most. Immaterial of the bond, tradition, previous value, anything that didn’t add up now was simply incinerated. A clear field was necessary for the new setup.

The most vital aspect of an IT tool is the ability for the investors to clearly understand the impact it creates. Therefore, the value metrics were completely revamped.

The reality is that not everyone will be on board for NEW and adventurous concepts instantaneously unless it’s a Spiderman crossover movie. Onerous it was but we moved away from everyone to just the ones that understood, required, and excited about change. The 80 20 became the norm in everything.

Again, a self-pat to the team we have, we still needed change. The team from interns to the management had to sync with the new way. The whole work arenas, planning, execution style everything changed for everyone. Definitely should have been surprising as they took it like fish to water but wasn’t, it’s that kind of a team.

And the grind began.


This is the best period we are in. The world around us seemed to be on clock and following a routine but we weren’t. We were in a timeless space, ignorant of dusk and dawn, indifferent at 3 PM and 3 AM, unaverse to weekday or weekends, we were in motion. Time passed for the world outside and concepts became reality on the inside. After a blip for us, we were ready with a line-up of not arms but whole artilleries.

An omnipresent insurance agent in MINI

Paper to platform with DECS

Insurance in Pockets with POP

A complete claims handling mechanism via RICH

And many more….

Coherence to building the products, we found our 20% ones that became our only focus. New but unbreakable, trusting than any relations were forged.


Thanks for sending us the greetings, we wouldn’t have realized we hit the December. Everything is lit up. There is a cheery no reason smile on the face, an excited skip to the step, great food and best company to be around. A splendid environment to wind down, relax EXCEPT WE CAN’T. What did we do to ourselves! We just can’t keep from the urge to accelerate now. We are ready to whizz into future. Wish we could but we can’t do it alone. We need YOU! Enjoy the time off and comeback next year. Your tickets have been booked; boarding passes issued. The forecast says there is bright excitement all through the year. So, buckle up, we are going to be taking off at full throttle to reach the next high.

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