A lookback at 2021!

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Happy New Year 😊 Wishing you all nothing but the best !! 

Before we start the New Year with a Bang and share a lot of insights (trust us, we are REALLY holding back), wanted to do a quick look back at 2021. You must be wondering, the timing is a bit off for this – it should have been the newsletter concluding 2021 😊 But, we didn’t want this lost in the many ‘out of office’ emails you would have received.   

Sharing the must reads & the most read ones from 2021 archives, as these continue to be very relevant for 2022… (and may be beyond) 

Biz, Tech & Brains Series – Our interviews series, with the CXOs from various Insurance companies. Sharing their views on how Insurance as an industry needs to be re-modeled to be customer centric and how technology can act as one of the key enablers in achieving that 

Check out episode 1 here!  

Check out episode 2 here!  

Check out episode 3 here!  


MINI – This series explores the need for Chat BOTs in the insurance industry, explains what a BOT can handle vs when Humans are needed? Gives you a quick sneak peek into Manomay’s Integrated Network Intelligence (MINI) our very own proprietary Chat BOT solution (for quote, FNOL, FAQs and more) 

Our first conversation with MINI – Read here!  

Our second conversation with MINI – Read here!  

Power of MINI – Read here!  


Replace/Upgrade/Add on – An insight into the key considerations from our experience books that can help give you the line of thought in deciding the way forward for your current IT – if you have to replace/Upgrade/Add on or continue. 

Answering that Big IT Question-Replace/Upgrade/Add-on? 


Data & Analytics Maturity Journey – In the journey from Laggards to Savants – Our take on understanding your current state vis a vis your approach and journey determination. 

In the journey of Laggards to Savants – What’s your data maturity?  


How to handle digital disruption – An insight into Manomay’s take on how Incumbent insurers can handle the digital disruption today, answering the questions -what can be the approach and why. Excerpts from Mrs. Krishna Datla’s talk at Biz Tech Conference 2021, Jamaica by JTDA 

Digital Disruption – Lets Handle Together 


IT Replacements Series – This series covers everything you need to know/understand and be mindful of as a part of your IT replacement journey, starting with an introspection on the current state, vendor selection to what is a recommended implementation and data migration approach. All from our decade of experience!! 

Current State IT Review – Purpose & Value  

Platform Replacement – What’s beyond the standard contour? 

Implementing New Core Platform – Choices & Consequences  

Alchemy of Data Migration   


Value from Investment – Our take on how to approach and measure ‘Value’ from your IT investment(s). The key is to start from the start. 

Value from your IT Investment  


These are just a few from the many. You can go through the others here

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