Biz Tech Talent – “WithIN” & “WithOUT”

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole (and right) orchestra to play it!” 


In the world of Incumbents & InsurTechs, Customer Experiences driven Business Models & Digital Transformations, do you have all it takes to make Tech work RIGHT for you? Yes, we are talking about People – Internal/External – those that can help you reach the pinnacle! 

Between Strategy and Execution, in the interdependent scheme of the Technology Landscape, at the core, it’s always about the RIGHT TEAM – the one, that helps you drive & derive the RIGHT return across the value chain. (Name it – A multi-million transformation initiative, Changes to the existing landscape, tech roadmap definition, decision, design, implementation to manage, and finally the sun setting for the new beginning for transformation!)

So, who/what constitutes the RIGHT TEAM – obviously, dependent on the context. So, let’s start with a quick snapshot of the roles on the Tech landscape, roles that you want to get RIGHT, more so continuously!

  1. Strategic Context
    1. Transformation – With Digital at the Core
    2. Biz-led Tech Way Forward – Business-focused Tech. Roadmap, IT-enabled Biz Process Design, Software Selection, and Measures for Return on Investment (Financial & Non-Financial – MTML)
    3. Change Management – What does this change mean to Org. and how do I ensure embracing
  2. Health Checks – Across the entire value chain: Estimated Vs. Actuals, Reasons & In-course Corrections   
  3. Execution Context – Applications & Data
    1. Project and Program Management – beyond checklists – ability to interconnect, integrate and drive resources for the right results
    2. Business and Tech Architecture – for defining the scalable and reusable architecture across the landscape
    3. Business & Systems Analysis – translating the business requirements into IT Specifications
    4. Third-Party Enterprise Platforms Application Configuration & Management – for building the Company specific content in the IT Platform: Products, Business Rules, Rating, Roles, Authorities, etc
    5. Verification and Validation – to ensure the system works by Business Requirements
    6. Software Development – to code where needed
    7. Data & Management – from warehousing to simple Reporting to Insights for decisioning – A subject in itself.
  4. Beyond Application Landscape
    1. Infrastructure & Network Management – for defining the right strategy in the context of DR, BCP, backups, fallbacks, etc., and setting up scalable and stable infrastructure.
    2. Cyber Security – Right & continuing protection from Cyber Threats and compliances
    3. …..

If this is the overall landscape, what do I have internally and what do I need to take help for? Extending the question, through a guiding question list, exclusively for you. As you can see, it’s a FLOW to the right conclusion: one leading to the other & finally the right insight and decision (obviously not be all and end all). Please note that we have not intentionally segregated Strategy & Execution related requirements separately. As you read through, you understand it yourself – as we always say: we intend to TRIGGER the thinking

  • What’s my current team model, across the spectrum – leadership support, management, and execution? What are their positives, gaps, focus areas, priorities, and gaps, right now?
  • What are my immediate and future needs? How does the current team model meet my needs?
  • What are those requirements that are unique – with a focus on setting the sail right? At this level, I might need an external perspective for thought triggers/direction/validation
  • What are those needs that are one-time and those that are repetitive across the value chain?
  • If repetitive, what are my options? Should I build the competence internally? Is the effort worth it at all? Can I get a skill from the market easily? Can I temporarily outsource and transition to insource, over a period?
  • What is the skill set needed, for each level? Is it unique and needs continuous upgradation?
  • If I intend to take help/outsource or plan for hybrid, can I identify the right partner? What about control, availability, and quality? What are the options and what is the best model that helps me get continuing value?
  • If I find the right partner/s, am I better off outsourcing the majority, so I focus on my core business?
  • Irrespective of the model, what’s it that has to be within my control – for monitoring and measurement – for the right results?
  • What’s the impact of this decision, on the Company & Culture? People, Processes & Technology? How do I plan for preparation and acceptance?  
  • ….

As you see the questions list, we are sure you realize or get an inkling that in answering these questions, you will find your way out, through what’s within and for what, you have to go to the market. With this in place, moving on that next – what should you look at, when you plan to the market for help, so the match is right?  

There are a plethora of companies claiming high that match or go beyond your current skill needs – but how do you rely on them? This is where the identification parameters come into the picture – (If you only look at the hard parameters, you miss the bus. Those SOFT considerations make the difference!!)

  • Experience/Expertise – Biz &Tech
  • Thinking – In patterns, in Standardization/Localization
  • Alignment – Your WHY has to be their WHY to serve you right
  • Attitude – Open, Curious, Interactive
  • Approach – for Value Addition & not ticking the clock for hours
  • Focus on –
    • Outcomes & not just Deliverables
    • Cost vs Value (Return)
  • Most important of all – Your importance for them (not the other way around)

Assessment of your partner across all these parameters is key to finding the right match for your company. If done right, this could prove to be a one-time effort with your partner helping you across multiple initiatives for success. ­­­

Ultimately it all boils down to “what you want – thought level and/or at the execution level”, “where you want to have control” and “where you let others take charge”. A combination that helps you consistently win – spend less & gain more; worry less & relax more; focus on core & delegate non-core. Those have to be your definitions!

Forget about goals and focus on systems instead! Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results. The score takes care of itself – Bill Walsh (three-time Super Bowl winner)

For further details/insights, please reach out to us at or You will be pleasantly surprised, for sure 😊

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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