William F. Fawcett

What makes Manomay so effective is that everyone on the team is an actual insurance practitioner. They understand our business first, then use their IT expertise to achieve our business objectives. For over ten years, Manomay has worked with us on mission critical IT initiatives. In addition to system implementations, we have used their consulting services on M&A projects, platform architecture reviews and business process redesign/automation. The Manomay team has always done outstanding work on each engagement; however, of special mention is the way they helped implement the enterprise IT system for our start-up insurance company in Switzerland. They literally saved the project by enabling us to launch on time with full capabilities. Manomay is a classic example of a company focused on others. They not only provide good jobs to bright young people but they specifically train employees so they can deliver value to customers throughout their entire career – this is unique in our industry. Every team member understands the client’s needs in the context of their business which translates into success for you, your team and the customers. Manomay will always be our key IT partner.