Manomay Ylog 2022!

“They say don’t look back, but sometimes it’s important to see how far you’ve come”


Welcome, welcome, welcome! Welcome to 2022. Were we on a new year’s break? Yes. Did it feel like a break? NO! The excitement to get our very own products out there had consumed us. We set everything up and all there was left to do was just cut a ribbon and declare it open. Hold on though, a small ribbon cutting for the prodigies we built, it simply isn’t fair. They needed a bigger and more fitting platform. The hunt was on to decide and finalize it.

In a parallel line, the trust was kept, we had one of you initiating a dialogue with us and chose our core ‘consulting.’ Consulting us was the same but we weren’t the same. There was an underlying transformation changing everything one at a time. Result? We finished and oh the way we finished the engagement. Impeccable is the only word that comes to mind, there was no alteration to our verdict. Not even a punctuation mark.

This was the universe sending a sign, it was on. We rushed to the Business Development team and there was just one forecast – “Brace yourself, the avalanche of product and engagement making its way.”  Reinforcements were the immediate next order of business. Two, three, or five new members. A whole floor guys, we had a whole floor filled. There are huge dreams but there are also tiny ones. It’s been 3 years, and we and the floor were waiting to witness it. Dreamy sunsets would also fall short of this sight. You had to be there.

Now, Manomay has no ordinary standards. Everyone that is part of us, should be their superlative selves. The numbers are bigger, and the previous recipe for operation no longer seemed applicable. The team was dispersed based on the working engagements. A new outlay was necessary to elevate & Manomize to the new team done differently as per the role. That’s when it snapped into place, roles were aggregated, and clusters came into existence. BA, Dev, QA, Data, AI, PM… clusters, and sub-clusters formulated. Easy to pick a team though, but is getting a leader for it. We sought many but couldn’t fit any. “Fine! I’ll do it myself” was the answer. Young for the world, bang on the target were the leaders picked from the team we had. We didn’t have the full experience as said Tony Stark “Sometimes, you gotta run before you can walk.” The cluster heads embarked their clusters on to Manomization.

Meanwhile, the hunt had ended, and we had found the perfect answer. The orchestra was being taken on the live tour first time since 2019. There couldn’t be a bigger, better stage than a live performance in your presence. How could we land up straight after 3 years impromptu? That’s the catch, it was never impromptu. We weren’t out there physically, but we had forged relationships beyond business. We were always with you directly and through our BizTech insights building a substantial familiarity. The trip was predicted to be simple and succinct. Oh, it wasn’t! It wasn’t even close to anything simple. The tiny dream can become a reality, but the huge dreams might never or take forever. Call it stars aligning, we built it ourselves, co-incidence, with everything we did during the last three years our forever ended. The need for a business IT liaison that we envisioned 12 years ago was being realized. It took an eternity, and we savored the little moment, the little moment of happiness. Was it a financially successful trip? We didn’t care, it was the best one in 12 years. Believe in dreams peeps, they come true.

Cliches are called cliches for a reason. The universe conspired for our wants. We had so many of you discuss our vision and therefore BizDev team’s forecast came true. We hate to brag but you deserve to know. The insurance industry leaders had convincingly chosen us over the consulting giants. It isn’t the same, but it surely comes close to Messi shaking hands with paradise. The avalanche of engagements marched in, and a full-blown consulting parade began – Consulting in IT, Business, Data, Process, and Digitization… we’ll send the list separately. The horizon of engagements expanded wider, our team became bigger, and our maturity escalated higher.

Was it all hunky dory? It wasn’t, it never is. Transformations are never comfortable. The product launches took a back seat, you are always first for us. Everything changed, there were new challenges, and working through them had new realizations. The novice core team went through thick and thin – celebrating and fixing all at once. They were spectacular for their experience but there are taller milestones to scale. We wanted to build the golden generation and the stalwarts that lead them.

There were tangential and yet unifying transitions happening internally and externally to us. It’s been a defining year for all, the dream came true.

Few things ever change, we were agnostic to time as always and popped into the end. We think there is a conspiracy going on, time flies yes but this year it vanished. There at least has to be a warning sign. Maybe one of you send us a reminder, just keep us in check so we don’t forget to make a new holiday calendar. Last year, there was a momentous excitement with everything being novel. This year, we are on our home turf – the consulting, there is calmness. We know every nook and corner. Unwind, relax, and relish the great year. We will turn up in no time for ‘We have a legacy to build!’

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Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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