Making IT work for your customers – Intelligent automation & Optimization

We are starting with a small shopping tale this time!

So, my choosy seven-year-old needed a costume for a school event. As always, I got handed over a list of specs – in addition, this time, a preferred shopping site too. Piqued by the interest, I asked, what made this site so special? Her answer was simple – it made her feel Special!

Upon digging a little into the details, I understood what contributed to the “feel-great experience”! Their greetings were unique – something to do with a titbit about the item that a young girl is shopping for and hip suggestions popping up for the accessories – that go perfectly with each dress. 

When I got into the site, I felt motivated for different reasons too! Affordability, Access, Delivery Speed & the most important one – Quality (so she can breathe in easy). Of course, I caved in😊
Because they did not just sell us a product, they delivered on an experience!

To our topic & Customers (Prospects & Policy Holders): Insurance is either an emotional buy or an obligation (most of the time). So, when it comes to customer retention or attracting a new segment of buyers – Experience is the Crux. The more so for P&C Insurance (with annual policy tenures), where there is a constant need to reposition yourself every year. 

Fig1: Driving Customer centricity – Customer at the heart of everything you do

How can you create impactful experiences for your customers? By a conscious transition from Inside-out to the Outside-In Thinking? What are those fundamental questions you need to ask yourself as an insurance seller? 

  • How can we consistently deliver a sustained Customer-first Value? – Providing the right Advice, Service and Empowering them at every interaction touchpoint.
  • How do we re/define our business operations around their experience encounters?
    • Perceive Operations from Customer angle.
    • Organize work around customer demands & outcomes and eliminate non-value work.
    • Systematize repeat manual work without overlooking the importance of the Human role in the digital ecosystems.
    • Establish right metrics – around customer satisfaction, value & process performance.
  • How Tech can support me to be more customer-centric?
    • Support intersection of both Customer Demands and Company Requirements.
    • Incorporate variety into the structure & handle variations across contexts – Processes, Communication, Flow & Decisions.
    • Essentially being scalable, extensible & integrable.

Here’s a Biz-Tech framework for tech enablement – to help you serve your customer better.

Fig2: Biz-Tech framework for customer centricity

Building great experiences is about constantly addressing the one key aspect at every step of the customer engagement – What’s in it for them? Like,understanding and appreciating their need to be approached or interacted with in a certain way. Catering for their needs by defining your products or services and making them available – as they think is right!

Ultimately, your most happy customers are your chief evangelists.  

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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