It’s about US – “Employees”!

You must be thinking why us? Aren’t the customers our main focus? Yes, It’s true. But, as the saying goes “shouldn’t it start at home”?

Titles change, years roll by – sometimes you end up continuing to do the same thing – Why?

Welcome to my Story! You might or might not connect with me. But, I implore, read it through! There is something universal, in this, for all of US!

A decade of experience, I recently joined a company as The Underwriting Manager (Personal Lines) – A big pay check and a pat on the back! I report to the Underwriting Head directly.

Me? the Manager?! A frisson of excitement with – Social Standing, Family Respect, My Team, My Customers, and My Personal Favourite – My Own Little Cabin!

That was not it, I had big plans to deliver my full potential – Customers, Products, Underwriting Services, Management – most importantly my team, making them feel important, accountable and relevant, continuously!

It wasn’t too long, that everything rainbow started turning into dull grey!

I start my day talking to customers, responding to reviews, attending to phone calls and meetings…. And, by the time I realize, it’s the end of the day! Each day just the same, as previous, & goes by in a blink of an eye! (At work or remotely from home, flow is just the same. Sometimes, it is more difficult, when remote. You know what I am talking about!)

What’s happening here? Why is everyone seem to be running around all the time? Why do I have to look at each proposal & policy? Why does team come to me asking for approvals? Why is customer always asking for updates? Why does it take so long? What’s technology doing? A lot more questions & no satisfying answers….

I kept brooding: Am I at the wrong place? Why am I doing all this? Is this my role? Am I adding value? Am I making a difference? Am I truly earning my money? Is this just me thinking like this? What about others? Thinking or just gotten used to the System?

(Don’t be fazed by the question tank. I am not a consultant with bullets and points ☹)

And then, I remember the conversation prior to my recruitment – “they have high expectations from me; they hand-picked me”, for this? To do something that I have done as a junior? Don’t I get rotten?

I decide to confront my boss & Zoom in. She, smiles and says – “I have been waiting for you”. I blurt out my frustration – she just listens.

And when I finally breathe out, she says “That’s how we do here. I want us to change this. I want you to be one of the key champions of the change. That’s why we brought you on board! We are forming a core team. Let’s get going. Get into the details. I want you to come up with your first analysis of “US”– start with “WHY”. You have the fresh pair of eyes”

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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