“Eye” on the Current & “Will” Into the Future

This guy goes into a bar and there’s a dog lying in the corner. Every so often the dog whimpers and whines a little. The guy asks the barman, “What’s up with that dog?” And the barman says, “Oh, he’s probably lying on a nail.” After a few more minutes and another set of whines, the guy asks the barman, “So why doesn’t he move?” And the barman says, “It probably doesn’t hurt enough for him to get up.” Courtesy CB Insight


So, we are back again on the same topic 😊

If it hurts too much, it’s a replacement of something somewhere…. If it does not, status quo of everything……. Haven’t we seen this, everywhere…?

We have been asked the same question again & again – should we dispense with the current completely, to rewrite the future….

One of our experiences in the context of Application IT Landscape…. With focus on “Current State” Why (Of those Whimpering’s) and Future State “What”

One day, while the Sun was shining bright and the weather sultry, we received a call from one of the P&C Insurers, asking us to help them in their Vendor Selection Initiative. They were in the process of replacing their Current Enterprise Tech Platform and had heard all about the big tech leaders topping those magic quadrants and bagging model awards, so of course they wanted to get everything RIGHT!

Jet, set, go – we started our inquiry – Why this decision? Was there an introspection? Is “IT” the only problem or is that seen as THE SOLUTION, for those challenges and for that GREAT tomorrow?

After the initial reluctance and hesitations, they opened up about their reasons.

  • Unresponsive Vendor – Growing gap between promises and delivery.
  • Not enough attention – Vendor cares more about big implementations with big Carriers.
  • Every change is a customization – Piling up unplanned and ununderstood costs.
  • Forced upgrades with no value add – Additional costs for existing customizations.
  • Partial availability of Mobile and Portal capabilities – Doesn’t map with company’s vision for future.
  • ….
  • And then, all about the SOLUTIONs they heard, where none of this is an issue…

So, a subtle request to dive deep into the Current State was our immediate/spontaneous response (thanks to them – they let us IN). After all, changing the outer environment alone doesn’t necessarily produce the desired results, does it?

And we started the journey of Current State Review –

The insights we arrived at were a kind of reconfirmation of our experiences, most of the times

  • Every department had a separate siloed process, ignoring customer experience.
  • Two departments did not use the current system at all, doing everything manually outside the system.
  • Lack of standardization and non-adherence to process guidelines across the value chain.
  • The approach to vendor management was mostly reactive. No specific efforts employed to build trust and mutual respect.
  • An upgrade to the current system could address the majority of these issues and provide most of the capabilities the company was looking for.

As we worked together on these revelations, the Customer and their Vendor started warming up to each other for a better way forward! And realized that there was still life there, for all the investment made. Customers agreed to take time to set their shop right and look for short-term gains, before taking that big leap.

You do not want to write off your current investments, without giving it a thought 🙂

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay

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