1 Year for BT Insights


So, did you? Kudos, if you did. But if you didn’t, hope you get it as you read….  
For over a decade now, leveraging our deep domain & IT expertise we have been helping Insurance Companies solve complex Biz and/or Tech problems – in terms of choices, strategy, use, alignment, way forward etc. And it was in this journey, that we deciphered specific patterns, whose applicability was universal in nature! The companies changed but, the questions they asked and challenges they encountered remained the same.  

So, we thought why not go beyond and we set out on a journey to answer questions that many of the CXOs generally looked answers for – like in a world where technologies and processes are ever advancing there’s always a better way of doing business but how can companies decide which one is the best for them? how can they get the most out of it? how can they create a symbiotic amalgamation between business and technology in the right way?   

After all what use is knowledge if it’s not shared!!  
Our goal is/was to create a collaborative culture of learning, sharing and empowerment through our experience archives – explained through our stories & frameworks. Insights that are easily accessible, consumable and most importantly implementable (along with a few DIY tips 😊).   

“This wasn’t about writing for writing’s sake or for marketing’s sake, but to share our 2 cents for helping our readers braze through their business journey”  
And oh my, once we started, there was no looking back. The positive overwhelming response of our readers filled our spirits with enthusiasm and encouraged us to aim for even greater things! Sharing a few of the many,  

“While we were of the view that changing the current system was the only option, we realized Answering that Big IT Question-Replace/Upgrade/Add-on?  that we could get the same results from updating the current one and deriving maximum value from it by, choosing suitable addons, preparing teams and standardizing our processes!”
 “Implementing New Core Platform – Choices & Consequences” bought a whole new approach to the way of making IT work in favor of our organization. We overcame the problems in the implementation of new core platform by creating the best business architecture, incorporating the future users of the platforms into the teams and fixing a governance strategy for constant and correct results always 😊”  

“Biz Tech insights enabled us to improve our Data Migration process through its going beyond approach. Following which assisted in setting the transformation rules and criteria and approach definition for the missing data. Their study was extremely accurate and useful in making our journey easy and result oriented.”  

Our journey started with expounding the most relevant and frequently witnessed dilemmas by the Insurance companies, focusing on the internal processes’ shortcomings, IT capability lapses, readiness vis-à-vis ever-changing market/customer demands/tech and suggesting growth strategies overall.   

As we wrote and published week after week, we realized that it was something beyond problems, situations and solutions to them. We wanted to write/convey even why people land up in situations, stories, experiences, opinions and learnings from them. This led to,  

  • Stories at work – Stories of fellow peers from different positions, and roles, bringing in their unique perspectives to facing and acing the challenges that most of us often come across in our day – to – day  
  • Biz, Tech & Brains – Candid conversations with the Top CXOs to learn the lessons beyond regular business, understand how they succeeded in creating a magnificent legacy for themselves and their organizations, their vision for tomorrow and how they are ready to brace the competition head on  
  • Life Lessons – Deriving inspiration from entrepreneurs accomplishing unimaginable dreams!  

Will there be more? New series, new seasons, new innovations, new stories, new experiences…Yes to all
We are fully charged up and excited to bring you so many more interesting and varying insights in the future, as we continue to grow and align with you. 
Raising the glass to a year of Biz Tech Insights!! Cheers to you and our authors…here’s to many more.  

Abhishek, Mehar, Supreetha & Sai Priya  

Biz Tech Insights Team Manomay 

P.S: By the way, for those who didn’t, the answer for the riddle is ‘KNOWLEDGE’  

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